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We offer an extensive selection of retail suits and tuxedos for purchase.   


Book a consultation or visit our store for a more comprehensive look at our styles.  Let us help you customize exactly what you want for your celebration!

Slim Fit

Below is a small sample of the slim fit styles available for your day.  If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us and we'd be happy to show you options specific to your needs. 

Two Button Black Suit
Two Button Grey 3-piece Suit
Two Button Heather Grey 3-piece Suit
Plaid 3-piece Suit
Two Button Tan 3-piece Suit
Two Button Indigo 3-piece Suit
Two Button Dark Indigo Suit
Burgundy Shawl Two-tone Tuxedo
Cherry Red Shawl Tuxedo
White One Button Dinner Jacket
Two Button Black 3-piece Suit
Grey Two Button Suit with Vest
One Button Peak Tuxedo
Black Two Button Tuxedo
Black Two Button Notch Tuxedo
Steel Grey Tuxedo

We have a wide variety of colors to customize your look.  There are color options for bowties, windsor ties (solid and striped), vests, and cummerbunds.  Schedule a consultation here so we can show you all the options that coordinate with your color pallette.  

Vest & Colors
Diamond White Shawl Tuxedo Jacket
Diamond White Peak Tuxedo Jacket
Diamond White Shawl Long Tuxedo Jacket
Black Peak Long Tuxedo Jacket
Black Shawl Tuxedo Jacket
Black Peak Tuxedo Jacket
Black Ultra-Slim Tuxedo Pants
Black Wide Fit Tuxedo Pants
Black Slim Tuxedo Pants
Diamond White Slim Tuxedo Pants
Diamond White Wide Tuxedo Pants
Diamond White Ultra-Slim Tuxedo Pants
Women's Tuxedos
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