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Arizona's Suit and
Tuxedo Experts

Finding the right look is the first step.  

Choose from rental, purchase or custom made menswear.  Our wide variety of suits and tuxedos makes it easier than ever to get the look you want! 

Let us help you find what you're looking for!


Select Your Style

Our team is available to meet with you in a number of different ways.  Whether you schedule a virtual meeting or in-person, you can set all of these appointments online. While you do not need an appointment to stop by one of our stores during open hours, it does help to schedule time in one of our stores if you're needing a custom suit appointment. 

Visit us in-store to find the right color and fit for your outfit!  We have stores in Tempe, Gilbert and Peoria.  

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Visit our Store

Convenient pickup options at both of our local stores where you can try on your outfits as well as get your suit or tux altered at the time of pickup.

If you are looking to do a same-day purchase or rental, we advise you to visit our Tempe location as it will increase the likelihood that we have what you need.

Getting Measured
& Group Fittings

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Getting measured shouldn't be a hassle. Once you've picked out your styles, your guys can stop by our stores without an appointment to get measured.  We recommend getting measured 3-5 weeks before your event.


For our group events like weddings and quinceaneras, we offer a complimentary group fitting where your guys can be measured anywhere in the Phoenix metro area.  

Out of Town Guys

Nearly every event we have includes people from outside Arizona.  We've created a simple process to get your guys fitted and submit their measurements to us via email. To help facilitate this process, we have a network of menswear stores around the country that can help you get measured.  

Once they get to town, we have their outfits ready and can do alterations upon pickup. Learn more below.

Delivery & Pickup

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We also offer delivery and pickup services.  We can deliver the fully assembled and pressed outfits directly to you!  Upon delivery, we have everyone try on the outfits and make an alterations on-site. 

Too busy to return your tux?  Our new tux return service makes it easy to return a tux after the wedding.  You can schedule a pickup with Return on Demand who will pick up and return tuxedos to their rental location.  

groomsmen in green suits walking in flagstaff

Rene H.

Rare professionalism is what we experienced after renting multiple suits for our daughter's Flagstaff wedding. They graciously extended the return time when a snowstorm made transportation unsafe. Clean, sharp suits + selfless customer service= the best solution to your formal wear needs!

charcoal peak tuxedo

Cameron C.

Celebrity Tux and Tails is very professional and can accommodate suitable attire for any type of event. The staff is knowledgeable and I was well taken care of when trying to find the perfect suit. I could not be more satisfied.

couple in blue suit and black dress

Amanda C.

Celebrity Tux and Tails suits are THE BEST fitting suits - hands down - EVERY TIME. I've never seen an issue with any of his suits at our weddings. The guys are all properly fitted (even those coming from out of state), the pieces are always together, and the best part is no one walks down the aisle looking like a penguin. If you're getting married and haven't gotten a suit for your fiance yet - go check them out. You won't be disappointed!

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