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Out of Town Groomsmen and Guests

Accurate measurements are key to getting a great fit on your suit or tuxedo!  Because the sizing for different clothing manufacturers varies, in order to get the best fit possible we do need you to submit recent measurements not just the sizes of suits you already own.  This helps us serve you better. 


Measurements should be submitted 3 to 5 weeks before the date you're using the outfit.  

Find A Store To Get Measured At

To help facilitate this process, we have a network of menswear stores around the country that can help you get measured.   While we provide complimentary fittings for other customers in this network, some stores may charge a small fee for this service.  We recommend calling ahead to ask their policy if you wish to avoid it. 


Out of town guests can use the following link to find a tuxedo specialist in their area.

Suit or Tuxedo Measurement Form

Download this form to get the full instructions  and measurements needed for your order. We recommend bringing this form with you to the local tux store.

We've also included picture instructions for those unable to make it to a store for measurements. 

Submitting Your Suit or Tux Measurements

Once you've been measured, you can email your measurements to

Please make sure to include the date of the event, first and last name of the bride or groom, and a cell phone number for us to notify you when your suit or tux is ready for pickup. 


Please fill out all measurements on the form including your height, weight and shoe size. 

What To Expect AFTER You Submit Your Measurements

You should receive an automated response immediately thanking you for submitting your measurements.  If you do not receive this email, please check your spam and the email address you sent the file to before calling our store to confirm receipt.  Our specialist team processes these submissions every 2-3 business days.  Our individual store team members do not have access to these measurements until they are processed by our specialist team.  If there are any questions regarding your measurements, the specialist team will email you directly.  Once your order is processed, you will be emailed with instructions regarding pickup and payments that directs you to your pickup store.  

While we understand that there are many different ways for us to obtain this info and technologies to streamline it, we feel that having our specialists review every order helps minimize issues with fit or human error with taking orders electronically or over the phone.  It does take extra time but we feel it's worth it to minimize the issues once you're ready to try on your outfit!  Please plan accordingly for when you arrive in Arizona to try on the outfit the same as local participants. 

Thank you for your patience and trust in our process.  

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