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Raise Money with our 
Prom Fundraiser

Celebrity Tux and Tails fundraisers are now digital! Every fundraiser gets a unique code.

When your supporters get a suit or tux from our store and show your digital card, up to $10 on every order will be donated directly to your cause.

kids in black tuxedos for prom

Easy to Apply

We'll walk you through the process and get you started within 24 hrs. 

Easy to Share

Easily share the link with your own contact lists, share the card directly, or use our form to have us reach out to members on your behalf.

easy to Earn

Earn 5%, up to $10 each order, for every prom tux or suit connected to your fundraiser.


Apply Now

Thanks for applying!

Next Steps?

Our team will send you the information for your group's fundraising code in the next 24 hours. 

Get ready to share the info with the members of your group and more! If you'd like us to send out the info to your group directly, you can get that setup will you wait for the code.  Just email us the list of fundraiser participants you want us to distribute the info to when your group's info is ready.

If you're ready to pick out an outfit, you can also look through our everyday styles. 


Then you're ready to make an appointment to pick out your tux and see our special prom styles in store!

three teens ready for prom.  one in a red tuxedo and two girls in black dresses
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