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What to Expect During Your Exclusive Groom's
Try-On Session

Bring Your Vision To Life

This unique experience is designed to ensure that every aspect of your wedding attire is nothing short of perfect for your big day. Here’s what you can expect during your visit and how to prepare for it.

To make the most out of your try-on session, we encourage you to bring any fabric samples of colors you're looking to match, especially for ties, pocket squares, or other accessories. This will help us coordinate your look seamlessly with your wedding palette.


The Perfect Shirt

The shirt you choose plays a crucial role in complementing your overall look. To ensure harmony with the bride's gown, we recommend:

  • Ivory shirts for off-white bridal gowns, creating a cohesive appearance.

  • White shirts for paper white gowns, ensuring a crisp and matching aesthetic.

This subtle distinction can make a significant difference in your wedding photos, and our experts are here to guide you in selecting the perfect shade.

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Footwear Considerations

Your choice of footwear not only adds a personal touch to your outfit but also influences the fit of your pants.


If you plan on using our shoes, no worries!  We'll include them in the try-on. 


If you want to wear your own shoes, fancy sneakers, or cowboy boots for a touch of personality, please bring them along to your try-on session. This allows us to adjust the length and fit of your pant legs accordingly, ensuring a polished and tailored look.

Customization and Alterations

At Celebrity Tux and Tails, we understand that the devil is in the details. If you decide to purchase your wedding attire from us, we offer additional alterations to fine-tune the fit and personal customization options to make your outfit truly one-of-a-kind. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Embroidering initials or wedding dates inside the jacket for a personal touch.

  • Custom embroidered pocket squares to add a unique flair to your ensemble.

These bespoke details not only elevate your wedding attire but also serve as a lasting memento of your special day.


Final Thoughts

Your Groom's Try-On session is more than just trying on a suit; it's an experience tailored to ensure that you look and feel your best as you step into a new chapter of your life. Our team at Celebrity Tux and Tails is dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and expertise to bring your vision to life.


Remember, this session is all about you—feel free to express any preferences, concerns, or questions you may have. We're here to make your journey to the altar as smooth and stylish as possible. 

We're excited to be a part of your wedding journey and look forward to helping you find the perfect wedding attire. If there's anything specific you'd like to discuss prior to your appointment, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your dream wedding look is just a try-on session away!

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