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Best Prom Tuxedo Rental Tips

Updated: Apr 1

best prom tuxedo rental tips

Spring is in the air and it's starting to smell like prom season! If your son is like every other teenage boy in the world, he probably won't start thinking about what to wear to prom until the last minute -- or until his date tells him to!

Well, regardless of when you start to shop, Celebrity Tux and Tails has you covered in prom tux and suit options. While we're high on teen spirit, we thought, let's put together the best prom tuxedo rental tips!

Tuxedo Tip #1: Don't wait until the last minute! If you're wanting to buy or rent, giving yourself a little extra time is always helpful. We highly recommend you order your outfit at least 2 weeks before prom, but if you find yourself looking the week before (or the day before), chances are we can still suit you up for the big day! The sooner you choose, the more options will be available like our 140 tie and bow tie color options and our specialty coats in various colors and patterns! Check out our specialty tuxedo jackets here.

students dressed in prom rental tuxedos and prom dresses

Tuxedo Tip #2: Compliment your date's dress with your own flair!

Know what color your date is wearing before you start shopping. Better yet, if you have a piece of the fabric of her dress, bring it with you so we can color coordinate. There are lots of ways to coordinate with her. The most common is matching her outfit with the accessories-- tie and vest or bowtie and suspenders. We've got over 120 color options to choose from in this department. If you're feeling a little bolder, you can choose to wear a jacket that matches her dress-- burgundy, french blue, cobalt, and red are all on trend this season!

Tuxedo Tip #3: Consider the event's theme and venue when selecting your tuxedo. Prom night is not just about looking good for your date; it's about fitting into the event's atmosphere. Whether the prom has a classic Hollywood, enchanting garden, or modern futuristic theme, your tuxedo choice can enhance your experience. If the prom is in a grand ballroom, a classic black tuxedo never fails to impress. For outdoor or more casual venues, consider a lighter color or a less traditional style. Remember, the key is to match the elegance and formality of the setting.

Tuxedo Tip #4: Don't overlook the importance of a perfect fit. A well-fitted tuxedo makes a world of difference in appearance and comfort. Make sure to get professionally measured at Celebrity Tux and Tails, where we can adjust the sleeve and pant lengths, ensure the jacket fits perfectly across your shoulders, and the waistband sits comfortably. Even the best tuxedo can look off if it doesn't fit right, so take the time to get it tailored to your measurements.

Tuxedo Tip #5: Accessorize wisely. Accessories can make or break your prom look. From cufflinks to pocket squares, shoes to belts, the right accessories can elevate your tuxedo. Consider a stylish watch or a boutonnière that complements your date's corsage. However, remember that less is often more; don't let your accessories overshadow your overall look. Choose pieces that add a touch of personality without becoming too distracting.

Tuxedo Tip #6: Pay attention to the details. The little things can have a big impact on your prom night outfit. Ensure your shirt is crisp and clean, your shoes are polished, and your hair is neatly styled. A fresh haircut or trim can also enhance your look. Remember, prom is a special occasion, and taking care of these details shows respect for the event, your date, and yourself.

prom dates in trendy tuxedo rentals

Tuxedo Tip #7: Be confident in your choice. Ultimately, the best tuxedo is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Whether you opt for a classic black tuxedo, a bold colored suit, or a patterned jacket, own your look with confidence. Prom is a night to remember, so choose an outfit that reflects your personality and makes you feel great.

By following these tips from Celebrity Tux and Tails, you'll not only look sharp on prom night, but you'll also create memories that last a lifetime. Remember, it's not just about the outfit; it's about enjoying one of the most memorable nights of your high school experience. So, start planning early, choose wisely, and dance the night away in style!


Celebrity Tux and Tails is a family-owned and operated formalwear company located in the Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in suits and tuxedos for both men and women and offer a variety of options in rental, off-the-rack retail and custom made attire. In addition to our stores in Tempe, Gilbert, and Peoria, we offer full-service concierge across the state of Arizona. From free group fittings to delivery & pickup services, we are dedicated to making the formalwear process simple, affordable, and exceptional for our customers! Get the selection you want and the service you deserve!

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