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Choosing the Pant and Shirt

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Choosing the Pants

Traditional Double Pleated Pants

Traditional Burlington wool and polyester tuxedos in all colors usually come with a double pleated matching pant. Rental pants adjust up to 3 waist sizes and the pleats make for a more comfortable fit. These pants are perfect for the person with fuller seat and thighs.

Traditional Flat Front Pants

Traditional Burlington wool and polyester tuxedos in most colors have an optional flat front pant available. This pant offers a more contemporary style and is not as full as the pleated pants.

Modern Slim Fit Pants

These pants are made in the traditional Burlington wool and polyester fabrics. Offering the same flat front styling, these pants are cut slimmer through the thighs and lower leg. This styling is better suited for the customer that is used to wearing low rise skinny fashions in their everyday clothes.

When choosing the tuxedos for your event, it is important that you think of everyone in the wedding party and what will look the best and most comfortable for everyone. While most of the groomsmen may be comfortable in the Modern slim fit pants, the fathers may be more comfortable in the double pleated pant. Make sure everyone not only feels great about the way they look, but that they are comfortable in the styling as well.

Choosing the Shirts

The color of the shirts will usually compliment the color of the bride’s gown. When the bride is wearing white, the tuxedo shirts will be white. If the bride is wearing off white, the tuxedo shirts will be ivory. Some contemporary weddings have gone to colored shirts with black being the most popular. Usually all of the shirts are the same for the entire wedding party but you can use the shirt color to distinguish special members of the wedding party if you choose.

Wing tip Collar Shirts

Available in white, ivory, and black these shirts are usually pleated in the front and are very popular when wearing a bow tie.

Spread Collar Shirts

Available in white, ivory, black, and grey these shirts are pleated in the basic poly cotton blend and are worn with either bow ties or Windsor ties. Microfiber material shirts offer a more elegant look and feel and are available in white, ivory, and black.

Photos by : Jims Formalwear

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