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Coordinating the Groom's Attire

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Photo by Jenn Wagner Studio

It is amazing how many grooms don’t have any idea how they want to dress for their big day. Most of them do know what color tuxedo or suit they want to wear, but they are lost when it comes to how they want to distinguish themselves from other members of the wedding party. When you can get the attire of the bride and groom to complement each other, the rest of the wedding party will fall into place. Here are some helpful suggestions to do just that:

  • Have the groom wear colors that will complement the color of the bride’s gown. If her dress is white consider having the groom wear white tie and vest as shown in the photos above. This will enhance the fashion of her gown while coordinating the two outfits. When the bride is wearing off-white or ivory, make sure the shirts for the whole party are ivory as well. This will assure that the pictures taken with the bride will complement the color of her gown.

  • When the bride’s gown has a train, consider having the groom wear a tuxedo tailcoat. The styling of the tailcoat will complement the styling of the flowing train behind the bride. A lot of times the couple spend the majority of the ceremony with their backs to the guests.

  • For the groom that doesn’t want to wear all white, consider a black or neutral color vest with a color tie that compliments the bride’s gown.

These are simply suggestions for the groom that doesn’t know where to start. The bottom line is choose the right provider for your wedding attire and they will help you make the proper selections.

Celebrity Tux and Tails is a family-owned and operated formalwear company located in the Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in suits and tuxedos for both men and women and offer a variety of options in rental, off-the-rack retail and custom made attire. In addition to our stores in Tempe and Glendale, we offer full-service concierge across the state of Arizona. From free in-home consultations to delivery & pickup services, we are dedicated to making the formalwear process simple, affordable, and exceptional for our customers! Get the selection you want and the service you deserve!

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