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Ivory Elegance: The Timeless Appeal of a Custom Ivory Wedding Tuxedo

Ivory Wedding Tuxedo Options

Ivory tuxedo jackets evoke the timeless charm and elegance of Old Hollywood, reminiscent of the classic style of Casablanca. Redesigned for the modern era, these jackets have seen a resurgence, becoming a favorite among grooms for their nuptials. At Celebrity Tux and Tails, we understand the significance of your big day, which is why we offer a range of options from rentals and purchases to fully custom-made ivory tuxedos, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every budget and vision.

Why Choose an Ivory Wedding Tuxedo Jacket?

Versatility and Suitability

Ivory is the quintessential choice for wedding attire, harmonizing effortlessly with the myriad of ivory shades found in wedding gowns—particularly true in Arizona, where the bridal fashion leans towards softer ivory tones rather than stark whites. An ivory jacket pairs beautifully with these gowns, maintaining the thematic consistency and elegance of the bridal party.

A Touch of Warmth and Distinction

While black tuxedos remain a popular classic, the allure of ivory tuxedos is growing. They offer a unique way for grooms to stand out while subtly matching the bride, making them distinctly recognizable as the groom and adding a touch of warmth to the wedding palette.

Customizing Your Ivory Tuxedo Jacket

Endless Customization Options

Our ivory tuxedo rentals offer a timeless look with versatile accessory options. For purchases, grooms can opt for ivory jackets with classic or black trims, tailored for a perfect fit. Opting for a fully custom made tux takes your vision a step further, allowing choices from satin trims in various colors to unique linings and embroidered monograms—creating a truly one-of-a-kind wedding day ensemble. We pride ourselves on a customization process that is detailed on our website and designed to meet your specific needs. From selecting the perfect lapel style to choosing button configurations that complement your fashion sense, our team ensures every detail reflects your personal style and coordinates seamlessly with the bride's attire. Read more about our custom suit or tuxedo options.

Real Weddings – Customer Spotlights

Celebrating Unique Stories

  • Nick's Wedding at Soho63: Nick chose a custom ivory jacket with sleek black lapels, paired with a vintage car that perfectly matched his timeless attire. The custom details ensured his look was both unique and fitting for the elegant Chandler venue. The groomsmen all wore the similar style shawl tuxedo in black. Photos of the wedding by Sara Bishop Photography.

  • Deonte's Tre Bella Celebration: Deonte's all-ivory tuxedo featured champagne trim and was complemented by ivory loafers, making a stunning statement against the white drapery of the altar at Tre Bella in Mesa. The ivory tuxedo paired well with the tan groomsmen suits perfectly. Photos by Brenna Lee Photography.

  • Justin's Bella Rose Estate Nuptials: Justin’s jacket boasted a brocade ivory design with gold trim, harmonizing beautifully with the Italian ambiance of Bella Rose Estate. Photos by Pixel Dust Photography.

Rental Tuxedo vs. Purchase Tux vs. Custom Tuxedo

Finding Your Perfect Match

  • Renting: An economical option that delivers the classic ivory tuxedo experience for your wedding day. Rent the whole look with either ivory skinny pants or black pants in regular, slim-fit, ultra-slim or skinny fit.

  • Purchasing: When you buy the ivory tuxedo, we're able to custom alter the suit to fit you even better. This offers a tailored fit and the opportunity to incorporate modern trends, such as ankle-length pants and slip-on shoes.

  • Custom: The best choice for those desiring a highly personalized fit and detailed customization, accommodating all body types and style preferences. Fully custom made tuxedo or suits are made to your exact measurements and provide the best fit possible for any body type or shape. You can also select more precise shades of ivory and finer weaves of fabric for the jacket itself.

Maintaining Your Tuxedo Jacket

Ivory Wedding Tuxedo Care Tips

Ivory tuxedos require careful maintenance to prevent stains. We recommend storing your jacket in protective plastic and adhering to strict dry-cleaning guidelines immediately after use to ensure it remains pristine for years to come. Keeping your ivory tuxedo jacket in pristine condition is crucial, especially given its light color and the significance of its occasions.

  • Dry Cleaning: Even if your tuxedo does not have visible stains, it’s wise to have it professionally cleaned after each wear. This prevents any invisible oils or dirt from degrading the fabric over time.

  • Proper Storage: Store your ivory tuxedo jacket in a breathable garment bag in a cool, dry place. Avoid plastic bags, which can trap moisture and lead to yellowing of the fabric.

Read more details about caring for tuxedos and suits on our guide.

Final Thoughts: Make Your Mark with an Ivory Tuxedo

Choosing an ivory tuxedo jacket adds a level of personalization and elegance unmatched by more traditional options. Whether you rent, buy, or customize, Celebrity Tux and Tails is dedicated to making your wedding attire as unique and memorable as your special day.

We invite you to visit our store or explore our website to view your options or schedule a personal consultation. Share your own Celebrity Tux and Tails experience on social media with our designated hashtag or by tagging our business. Let us help you make your wedding truly extraordinary.

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