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Photographing Blue Suits

We frequently ask our wedding couples who their photographer is for a number of reasons. Yes, we love seeing the photos after the event, but the even bigger reason is that your photographer can make a huge impact on the way your suit looks in your photos.

Take for example these two pictures from a recent shoot.

This is the same couple with all the same details. The photo on the left captured by Krissy Mae Photography is vibrant and colorful. The photo on the right captured by Leah Arie Events & Photography is moody and the colors are more muted. We love both photos, but there's no denying the end results are very different.

In fact, this is the catalogue photo of the suit that is being worn by the groom model above. This is a fairly close representation of the true (in-person) color of the french blue suit he is wearing.

This is why we ask our couples who their photographer is. We have them look at the way they capture shades of blue and then we direct them to the suit that will show up the way they want it to in their photos. It also helps that we've worked with hundreds of photographers in Arizona and we can frequently show you how they photographed different color blue suits.

Ultimately, we think about the wedding through the big picture, not just through the focused lens of the suit itself. We want you to love your pictures of this important day, and we want you to have all the knowledge you need!


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