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A Menswear Education Part 2: Shirts

A Shirt By Any Other Color Would Probably Not Be White

One question we ask *almost* every groom choosing their suit at our store is what color is the bride's gown? It's a simple question, but it makes a BIG difference in the overall look for the men's attire. Unless, of course, the guys have chosen a colored shirt to start with... for reference, we currently offer black, light blue, light pink and grey shirts for rentals.

If shirt color is not already specified, the couple is usually choosing between white and ivory dress shirts, and many of our couples are surprised to learn that the majority of our weddings choose ivory shirts.

Why? In Arizona, nearly all the bridal gowns are some shade of off-white or ivory unless special ordered to be pure white. The off white gowns look better with the skin-tones (ahem, tans) of Arizonans better than pure white. If the groom and groomsmen wear stark white tuxedo shirts next to a bridal gown that is ANY shade of off-white, the color of the gown typically appears darker or more yellow. That's not usually the look the bride is aiming for!

Sometimes it's hard to picture without visual aids. Here are some examples from our catalogs of white shirts next to off-white dresses. Occasionally, the contrast is glaring; other times it's more subtle albeit noticeable.

Since wedding photos can't easily be redone, we recommend the ivory shirts to complement the bride's dress and soften the white shades in the photos. The following photos feature our ivory shirts (which we more affectionately refer to as off-white).

Despite the fact that brides want the dress to be a complete surprise for the groom, he will probably be asked the color to decide on the shirts for him and the guys. Or you can preemptively inform him that he wants ivory shirts...

Other great things to know about our shirts:

1. Our rental packages include microfiber shirts for the best fit and comfort.

2. All of our shirts feature convertible cuffs (ie, you can use cufflinks!) as well as the ability to use studs if you wear a bowtie.

3. Pleated shirts are typically thicker, fuller-fit and less comfortable. If you're set on that style but want a "fitted" version, we recommend purchasing the shirt and tailoring it for you.

4. We also offer custom shirts for everyday use or for special events. Please contact one of our stores for custom shirt pricing and timelines.

Celebrity Tux and Tails is a family-owned and operated formalwear company located in the Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in suits and tuxedos for both men and women and offer a variety of options in rental, off-the-rack retail and custom made attire. In addition to our stores in Tempe and Glendale, we offer full-service concierge across the state of Arizona. From free in-home consultations to delivery & pickup services, we are dedicated to making the formalwear process simple, affordable, and exceptional for our customers! Get the selection you want and the service you deserve!

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