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A Menswear Education: What To Expect When You're Suit Shopping

One of the most common statements we hear from our customers at Celebrity Tux and Tails is "I don't know". It may be said in response to a wide variety of questions:

  1. What do you want to wear?

  2. Is the bride's dress white or off-white?

  3. What's the bridesmaid colors?

  4. What's the date of the wedding? -- usually groomsmen figure this out by the time the wedding rolls around. ;)

But it most frequently is paired with the statement, "I don't even know what the difference is between a suit and a tux". (For the record, satin is the main difference between a suit and tux, but you can read more about that here.)

While we know that the true is answer is "not very much", we also know that basic menswear knowledge can make a very large impact on the choices our customers make. Having the right answers or even knowing the questions you'll be asked, better prepares our brides and grooms when they eventually make it into one of our stores -- or one of our competitors. It's always disheartening to us when customers finally find us and they tell us about their experiences at other stores. We've heard the horror stories. They were charged 5 times more for comparable products at other stores, they were bullied by associates and alterations specialists at other stores, members of their wedding party were given the wrong clothing at other stores. While we still aim to serve our customers to the best of our abilities once they walk into our doors, we can't help but want to better prepare them before they have a bad experience somewhere else.

So before you start shopping for the menswear for your big day, we want to put together a few blogs to help educate you. Hopefully we'll get you asking the right questions so you not only know what you want, but you also know what you actually need for the big day.

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