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Choose to look at the latest tuxedo rentals & suit rentals, vests, and accessories. If there is a look that you desire, Celebrity Tux and Tails will deliver it to you! Guaranteed. 

From designer tuxedos, suits, luxurious fabric, fullback vests, microfiber shirts, to the latest in formal shoes, we offer it all.  Mens formalwear is typically offered in one of three fits: Slim-fit, Modern, and Traditional.  Look below at a sampling of our wide selection.  


Book a consultation or visit our store for a more comprehensive look at our styles.  Let us help you customize exactly what you want for your celebration!


Give your guys the gift of choice and let them decide if they want to rent or buy with our wedding program!  Choose from any of these styles and colors to find the right look for everyone in your wedding party.

Each style comes in regular fit and ultra slim fit.  

Rentals include everything the guys need except socks! 

If they choose to buy, they can keep the jacket and pants and rent the rest of the outfit! 

No need to buy every accessory that they will probably only wear once.

Slim Fit

Below is a small sample of the slim fit styles available for your day.  If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us and we'd be happy to show you options specific to your needs. 

Heather Grey Allure Clayton Suit
Ike Behar Indigo Tuxedo
Michael Kors Black Wedding Suit
Michael Kors Grey Wedding Suit
Ike Behar Hamilton Plaid Suit
Allure Sandstone Beige Brunswick Tuxedo
Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo
Ike Behar Cobalt Blue Greenwich Tuxedo
Ike Behar Grenada
Ike Behar Cobalt Blue Tux
Ike Behar Xavier Charcoal Grey Tuxedo
Ike Behar Grey Chelsea Tuxedo
Cement Grey Cutaway Tuxedo
Cement Grey Allure
Michael Kors Berkeley
Ike Behar Navy Blake Tuxedo
Ike Behar Burgundy Tuxedo
Michael Kors Blue Wedding Suit
Grey Portofino
Cement Grey Allure by Allure Men
Heather Grey Allure by Allure Men
Tan Allure Tuxedo
White Waverly Tuxedo by Ike Behar
Navy Sebastian Tuxedo by Ike Behar
Black Carrera by Savvi
Tony Bowls Manhattan
Tony Bowls Genesis
Grey Aspen Tuxedo
Heather Grey Aspen Tuxedo
Tan Havana Suit
Jean Yves Plum Calypso Tuxedo
Jean Yves Red Calypso Tuxedo
Ike Behar Powder Blue Valencia Tuxedo_edited
Jean Yves Sapphire Calypso Tuxedo
Troy Black Tuxedo
White La Strada Tuxedo
Modern Charcoal Grey Suit
Black La Strada Tuxedo
Stephen Geoffrey Emerson
Stephen Geoffrey Ivory Troy
Ralph Lauren Saville Tuxedo
Stephen Geoffrey Black Suit
Tan Riviera Destination Suit
Ivory La Strada Tuxedo
Stephen Geoffrey White Troy
Classic Notch Tuxedo
Shawl Tuxedo
White Dinner Jacket
Classic Black Tails Tuxedo
Classic White Tails Tuxedo
Classic Ivory Tails Tuxedo
Stephen Geoffrey Black Peak Tuxedo
Black Notch Tuxedo

We have a wide variety of colors to customize your look.  There are color options for bowties, windsor ties (solid and striped), vests, and cummerbunds.  Schedule a consultation here so we can show you all the options that coordinate with your color pallette.  

Vest & Colors
Herringbone Black Vest
Herringbone Charcoal Vest
Herringbone Silver Vest
Herringbone Platinum Vest
Herringbone White Vest
Herringbone Ivory Vest
Herringbone Sunbeam Vest
Herringbone Gold Vest
Herringbone Latte Vest
Herringbone Burnt Orange Vest
Herringbone Persimmon Vest
Herringbone Tangerine Vest
Herringbone Coral Vest
Herringbone Petal Pink Vest
Herringbone Bright Fuschia Vest
Herringbone Fuschia Vest
Herringbone Begonia Vest
Herringbone Ruby Vest
Herringbone Apple Red Vest
Herringbone Wine Vest
Herringbone Sangria Vest
Herringbone Eggplant Vest
Herringbone Persian Plum Vest
Herringbone Purple Vest
Herringbone Viola Vest
Herringbone Navy Vest
Herringbone Sapphire Vest
Herringbone Royal Blue Vest
Herringbone Blue Ice Vest
Herringbone Lite Blue Vest
Herringbone Malibu Vest
Herringbone Pool Vest
Herringbone Mint Vest
Herringbone Mermaid Vest
Herringbone Peacock Vest
Herringbone Jade Vest
Herringbone Emarld Green Vest
Herringbone Clover  Vest
Herringbone Meadow Vest
Herringbone Champagne Vest
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