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Let's Talk Ties

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

If you've ever chatted with one of our menswear specialists about wedding suits, you've probably noticed that we give you more to think about than merely just the price of our suits. We usually ask who your photographer is-- which honestly some brides and grooms are surprised by! We ask because the color of the suit you choose can be drastically affected by the editing style and will change which suit we recommend to get the right look. If you missed our blog post about this, you can find it here. We also ask the color of the bride's gown to coordinate the guy's shirts with it (no white shirts if the gown isn't white). Again, full Ted Talk on shirt choices can also be found on our blog here. Today though, we're going to talk ties!

Color Selection

When most couples start picking out the ties, they are solely concerned with matching the ties to the bridesmaid dresses. We 100% understand that and cover over 120+ colors of men's ties, bowties, suspenders and pocket squares in just one of our solid accessory programs. We also have multiple other color tie sets with stripes, paisley/tapestry patterns, floral and other patterns.

Groom's Tie

While matching the groomsmen's ties to the bridesmaid dresses is important, we also encourage our couples to consider the groom's tie independently from the bridesmaid colors. The groom wearing a tie that compliments the color of the bridal gown (ivory, champagne, blush, etc) helps set both of you apart from the rest of the bridal party. Having the bride and groom color coordinate is also especially important since most of the pictures you're going to love of your wedding will be just the two of you!

The neutral tie colors help soften the look of those bridal portraits. Let's say for example that the suits are going to be tan and the bridesmaid dresses are light blue. However, if the bride isn't wearing any light blue in her gown, the blue tie on the groom can actually dominate the pictures. Like in the photos below, the bright color of the groom's tie draws your eye to his tie first instead of the true focus of the photos-- the couple!! In the black and white version next to it, their faces are the focus of the photo. That's probably exactly why Stratus Adventure Photography edited it to have the black and white version....

We see hundreds of photos like these and know what works and what doesn't. That's why we ask you questions and provide you with all the information to make the decision best for you. In the end, the tie choices for your groom and groomsmen are completely up to you!

If you'd like to set up some time with one of our specialists so we can give our expert advice for your color scheme and bridal party, you can schedule that here. We'd love to talk to you about your special day!


Celebrity Tux and Tails is a family-owned and operated formalwear company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in suits and tuxedos for both men and women and offer a variety of options in rental, off-the-rack retail and custom-made attire. In addition to our stores in Tempe and Peoria, we offer full-service concierge across the state of Arizona. From free in-home consultations to delivery & pickup services, we are dedicated to making the formalwear process simple, affordable, and exceptional for our customers! Get the selection you want and the service you deserve!

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